Bringing real estate to life throughout Europe

AVORIS real estate is characterized by a high urban quality of life in every respect, from start to finish. Throughout the process, we focus on creating the ideal interplay of living, working, infrastructure, mobility, and resource conservation. Human well-being is at the heart of everything we do.

AVORIS - a family
of companies

AVORIS - a family of companies

Real estate development is influenced by the different circumstances of individual countries and cities—from urban planning trends, traffic, infrastructure, and existing building fabric to the vitally essential aspects of language, culture, traditions, and what people expect a modern living space to provide. We strive to take local conditions into account at every level, and are building a network of subsidiaries under the AVORIS Real Estate Holding that support each other through local expertise and shared business infrastructure. Each country benefits from collaborating with local real estate experts who have crucial knowledge about the situation in their country. Together, we create high-quality living spaces built for the future.

AVORIS Real Estate

AVORIS Real Estate Holding

The four original founders of AVORIS are represented in every branch of our European holding company. Each country’s national offices are managed by local partners with whom long and trusting relationships have been forged.




AVORIS Hungary Contact:

Ravi Roosblad


AVORIS Romania Contact:

Hermann Neuburger-Hillmayer


AVORIS Austria

AVORIS first began back in 2014. Originally, the company was founded based upon a plan by four school friends to jointly develop a real estate project that would generate retirement income. Soon, the project became so successful that they decided to found a company together. In 2014, total project volume was around 12.3 million euros. Nine years later, this number has increased by 32-fold to reach 393 million. In those nine years, AVORIS completed 36 projects, with another 48 currently in development. And not only have the volume and size of projects increased, we have also seen growth in the number of employees and opportunities, as well as our strong network of partners. This success led us to the decision to expand our radius and begin developing projects outside of Austria using the tried and true AVORIS philosophy.

Connected by shared values.


Just like the four AVORIS Austria founders, who have trusted and relied on each other for over 30 years, the AVORIS Real Estate Holding corporate network is also built on a solid foundation of reliability and trust. AVORIS Real Estate Holding draws primarily from the wealth of experience the group has built through AVORIS Austria. Our national development experts continually harness these synergies to develop AVORIS projects in very special parts of Europe—always with an eye on the ideal interplay of living, working, infrastructure, mobility, and resource conservation.

Our Focus

We always look at the big picture. For us, this means an interplay of liveable use, prospective planning, smart capital investment, proven processes and earned trust. We are the specialists for a holistic view while never losing sight of the details because they make the difference, that special something.


Livable spaces
Together, side by side.
Fertile ground for vibrant urban lifestyle.

We bring the potential of the location and the users’ needs into harmony. As early as the planning stage of a building, we consider all aspects of the surroundings and the people who make it their centre of life. That’s why we always strive to combine living and working spaces with the ideal infrastructure to promote social interaction.


Prospective planning
360° thinking.
Creating what lasts.

Foresight is one of our greatest strengths. We think ahead and for the long term. This is evident in the sustainable design of our projects and the excellent implementation of our buildings - conceived and completed to last. What distinguishes them all is their high-quality construction and long service life. Architectural concepts go hand in hand with a carefully considered choice of materials, skilled craftsmanship and conscientious use of energy and resources.

Smart capital

Smart capital investment
Using resources properly.

Thinking ahead about added value. Only looking at the construction costs of a project is short-sighted. Our experience has taught us how important minimising the operating costs is for the people who own or use real estate. That is why we emphasise keeping maintenance, disposal and, above all, operating costs low throughout the entire life cycle of a project, right from the planning stage. This optimisation pays off in the long run - economically and ecologically.


Proven processes
Continuously improving.

Quality by conviction. We always reflect on our work together in internal reviews and refer to official certifications for the further improvement of our projects. These assessments standardise our outstanding and innovative aspirations, provide us with feedback on processes and significantly contribute to the continuous improvement of our own procedures. This allows us to increase our quality and efficiency from project to project and constantly broaden our perspective - to the benefit of everyone involved.


Earned Trust
Selected and dependable.

Together for the cause. Not only are there specialists in our own team, but we also work with expertly selected partners from a wide range of sectors. These are people we trust and with whom we have maintained successful working relationships for many years. Together we implement projects that promise added value. Added value for all the people involved before, during and after completion, whether as project participants, financing partners, tenants, or buyers. We off er them and ourselves a commitment to quality on which everyone can rely.

in Europe

Investing in Europe through AVORIS means investing in real estate with a reliable partner.

We only develop living spaces that we personally feel comfortable in and that we are confident will remain profitable in the long run. For you, investing in AVORIS means attractive interest rates and assessable risk. AVORIS Real Estate develops real estate projects that are tailored to the needs of future owners and users. Our primary goal is to design and build high-quality residential spaces for the future.



Dominik Peherstorfer

"Just as the four AVORIS Austria founders have trusted and relied on each other for over 30 years, the AVORIS Real Estate Holding corporate network is also built on a solid foundation of reliability and trust. The professionals working at AVORIS create urban living spaces—with passion and expertise from start to finish."

Dominik Peherstorfer